The Mobile eNews – March 2017

Welcome to Ellis Mobile Chiropractic’s first monthly eNewsletter; we call it “The Mobile eNews”. Thank you for tuning in and we hope you find this helpful and fun!

St. Patrick’s Day Drawing Update

On March 17 we held our first St. Patrick’s Day contest.  It was a blast and a great way for me to honor a very important Saint and day for me personally as well as to say a big thank you to all of you who make this possible for me.

Please join me in congratulations to Melissa Kindel on winning this prize!

If you would like to see the live Facebook broadcast of the drawing and hear a little bit about what St. Patrick’s Day is really about, go to LINK.

Apolytikion in Third Mode:

O Holy Hierarch, equal of the Apostles, Saint Patrick, wonderworker and enlightener of Ireland: Intercede with the merciful God that He grant unto our souls forgiveness of offenses.

Food for Thought…And Your Spine!

Bowl of healthy fresh fruit salad on wooden background. Top view. Is your diet spine-friendly morning, noon and night? Try to incorporate these foods into your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a healthy back around the clock.

Breakfast: Keep your bones strong with calcium, which can be found in popular breakfast fruits like oranges, kiwis or blackberries.

Lunch: Reach for a crunchy salad complete with spinach or kale, both of which are high in iron. Iron aids in the production of myoglobin, a crucial component of healthy muscles—which are necessary to support your spine!

Dinner: Vitamin B12 is essential for healthy bone marrow and allows the spine to function and grow as it was meant to. Fish, red meat and poultry are all great options.

And with all of this eating, don’t forget to find time to visit our practice for your next appointment.


Beat Sciatica Naturally

Step away from the medicine cabinet and into natural solutions for your sciatic nerve pain.
Try these three easy (and drug-free) methods for managing sciatica that does not involve prescription pain pills.

Consider your stressors. Many low back issues can be related to emotional issues. Take inventory of your emotional well being and see if you can pinpoint any areas of your life that are making you feel unsupported or stressed.

Stay active. As much as you may want to sit or rest as a result of sciatic nerve pain, make sure you’re attempting regular walks or exercise each day. Too much rest can actually result in weaker muscles and even more sciatic pain.

Schedule an appointment with us. We can help pinpoint the areas of your spine that need adjusting to help remove nerve pain and interference that can lead to sciatica. Give us a call today.


Stressed? Don’t Cancel On Us

If you’re feeling stressed, you might call off work, cancel a play date with your child’s friends or even reschedule dinner with family in an attempt to regroup. But there’s one appointment you shouldn’t cancel when you aren’t feeling your best—a scheduled visit to our practice.

Many patients aren’t aware of the connection between the spine, immune system and the rest of the body. Your nervous system actually works to regulate all of your systems, which means a healthy spine can help you feel better, quicker.

Remember, your body is designed to fend off stress and sickness. Chiropractic care can help refresh and remove nervous system interference that can lead to unwarranted stress.

If you’re feeling run down, consider booking an appointment with our practice if you don’t have one scheduled already to ensure your systems are functioning to the best of their abilities.


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