• Practice FAQ
  • What is a House Call?

    In short, a house call is where the doctor comes to you.  No fighting traffic, no waiting in an uncomfortable waiting room or lonely treatment room, because you never have to leave your home.  You're treated in the environment that you are most comfortable in.

    house-callYou might think of doctors performing house calls as some long lost occurrence that only exists in the memory of some Norman Rockwellesque painting.  However, in modern life the house call is more important than ever.  Not because most patients are physically incapable of making it to a doctor's office, but because the tremendous demands of life have caused most of us to simply forgo, or put off for far too long the necessity of going.  This fact, in addition to the myriad of health and treatment benefits, is the reason that Ellis Mobile Chiropractic is an exclusively house call practice.

  • Why House Calls?

    After years of practicing in a high-volume practice, cycling through patients every 3-5 minutes, I noticed that more and more of my patients were looking for a real connection with me.  They wanted time to ask questions, get advice on their circumstances, and be provided with guidance.  Basically, they wanted a coach that could help lead them to their health goals.  Unfortunately, in a fast-paced, high-volume practice, I simply didn't have the time to provide this to them.  I was fed up with not having the time, so I created a practice model where I could provide this service to my patients."

    -Dr. Ellis

    Of course, there are so many additional reasons for house calls.  By the doctor visiting you at your home or office he has the opportunity to see first hand what your lifestyle and living environment is actually like.  This can provide great insight to the doctor while preparing your personal treatment plan.

  • What is a typical visit like?

    Each patient is different and requires a different treatment based on individual circumstances and conditions.  As such, a treatment visit can vary greatly between patients; however there are a couple consistencies with the visits.  First, each visit will start by going over any changes that may have occurred to your medical, social, and/or case history since the last visit.  Where appropriate health coaching based on your needs may be provided to better facilitate your adjustment.

  • How do I get started?

    Getting started is easy and can be done completely online.  You can sign up and request your free consultation HERE.  Of course, you can also place a call or send an email requesting your free online video consultation.  Upon completion of your free online video consultation request you will receive an email with instructions to fill out your Initial Patient Intake forms online and submit them to Dr. Ellis.  This form asks important case specific questions and will be the basis of topic during the consultation.  Once these have been filled out and submitted you free online video consultation appointment will be confirmed.

    During your consultation Dr. Ellis will discuss with you the specifics of your case history, concerns, and goals to see how we can help you.  You will then have the opportunity to schedule an exam where Dr. Ellis will investigate deeper into your medical history and current state of structural and functional health.

    Once all of the information has been obtained and analyzed Dr. Ellis will sit down with you review your results and provide any recommendations for your case.

  • What is your availability?

    Ellis Mobile Chiropractic's Hours of operations are Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 5:00pm. Dr. Ellis typically reserves the first hour of each day for Free Online Video Consultations and Tuesday and Thursday mornings for Exams and Report of Findings appointments.

    Occasionally, a Saturday appointment may be needed. This must be requested as a special appointment and approved by the doctor before it is scheduled.  An additional fee will be charged for these visits.

  • Where do you travel to see patients?

    We are based out of Keller, Texas.  In order to keep costs down, we currently limit routine travel to the Greater Keller area and surrounding cities, including Haslet, North Fort Worth, Roanoke, Southlake, and Watauga areas.  If you live or work outside of these areas then you can call or email us to arrange for special visits to other areas in the DFW metroplex.  Each request and it's circumstances will be reviewed and approved before a visit is scheduled. These visits may be subject to an additional fee.

  • Do you take X-Rays?

    Generally, no.

    While taking X-Rays of each patient can be helpful, with a mobile practice it is not practical to do this.  When an image is medically necessary to either identify a suspected problem, or to rule out an expected problem, Dr. Ellis will order a set of X-Rays or MRIs through Touchstone Medical Imaging centers.  They have a number of locations around the Dallas-Fort worth area and handle all aspects of the imaging process.  In these cases, Dr. Ellis will submit an order for images to Touchstone on your behalf.  You can then show up at any of their DFW locations on a walk-in basis for X-Rays and an appointment-basis for MRIs.  You will pay Touchstone directly for any services rendered or provide them with your insurance based on their payment policies.  Touchstone will send the images to Dr. Ellis within 24 hours of your imaging appointment and we will then contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss the results.

  • What do I do in an Emergency?

    If you are experiencing a Medical Emergency call 911 immediately!

    Dr. Ellis does not treat medical emergencies and should only be contacted AFTER appropriate medical personnel.

  • How long are treatment visits?

    A typical treatment visit is about 30 minutes.  Although each visit may not take the full 30 minutes, the doctor's schedule allows for a maximum of 30 minutes per visit.  In very rare cases therapies and adjustments may demand more time than a regular treatment session allows for.  If this is anticipated in advance then a special appointment time will be allocated.  If this is not anticipated in advance then a second visit may have to be scheduled for later that same day.  If the doctor deems this necessary there will not be any additional charge for the second visit.

  • Payment FAQ
  • How much do you charge?

    Online Consultation:              No-charge

    In-Person Consultation:         $29

    Exam Visit:                             $29

    Regular Visit:                          $70

    These fees takes into account all practice and travel expenses within our routinely traveled areas so you can be assured that there will be no hidden fees.  However, in some instances multiple services may be offered in a single visit; the total fee for each visit will be a total of all services rendered. Any special offers or discounts are based off of the standard fees listed above and payment is due at the time that service is rendered.

    *These fees do not include any recommended products including, but not limited to Orthotics, Dietary Supplements, or exercise/stretching equipment! 

  • Do you accept insurance?

    No, we do not accept insurance, nor do we submit directly to insurance companies.

  • Do you accept Workers Compensation or Personal Injury cases?

    Typically not.

    We do not specialize in the legal complexities involved in many of these cases and because they present a risk of increasing overhead and causing a need for higher fees, we generally don't pursue these cases.  However, if you have a case that you would like Dr. Ellis to participate in, he will consider it only after speaking with the attorney overseeing the case.  Unfortunately, many attorneys are unwilling to accept our terms for participation.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Amex), and Discover cards. We can also accept most Health Savings cards as long as it uses one of the card processing methods mentioned above.

  • Can you accept my Health Savings Account card?

    Yes, we can accept payment from a Health Savings Account (HSA) card as long as the card uses the Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Amex), or Discover processing methods.

    A Health Savings Accounts (HSA) is a tax-advantage medical savings account.  Funds deposited into these accounts are pre-tax and can be used for many legitimate medical expenses.  Any purchases with funds from these accounts that are not for medical expenses can bring significant tax penalties.

  • Chiropractic FAQ
  • I've heard if you start Chiropractic you have to go for the rest of your life, is that true?

    There is nothing unique about Chiropractic, in this regard, compared to any other healthy lifestyle choice.  It is advisable to continue under the guidance and treatment of a doctor of Chiropractic throughout your life, just as it is advisable to continue a healthy physical fitness program thorough out your life.  However, there is nothing generally detrimental about leaving active care once your health care goals have been achieved.

    Keep in mind that the analogy above is true to a much deeper degree as well.  If, after you achieve your physical fitness goals and then stop participating in a structured physical fitness program, you are likely to lose some of your hard-earned achievements by falling back into poor habits and poor lifestyle choices.  This is also true about Chiropractic care.  An important thing to note for both of these endeavors, is that they should each be approached based on your changing goals and personal needs.   For example, if you make profitable lifestyle and health choices, (you eat well, regularly get plenty of rest, and have a healthy stress level), you probably don't need much structured physical fitness time to maintain a good body weight and maintain a good immune system.  On the other hand, if all the above is true and you also want to run the New York Marathon then you will require a much greater amount of time and effort devoted to structured physical fitness.  This is equally true about Chiropractic.

  • I have tried everything for my low back pain.  Can you help?

    Most back pain treatments are aimed at helping to control the pain rather than correct the problem causing the pain.  Did you know that according to leading orthopedic specialists “some 80% of all back problems are the result of weak back muscles, specifically the lumbar extensors”?  By strengthening the muscles of the lumbar spine in a progressive, intensive and controlled manner, most back dysfunction can be corrected and most back pain can be alleviated with lasting results.

    Concerning pain, please view the following video. It provides some wonderful information, explains some of the common causes of pain, and roughly outlines how to treat acute and chronic pain syndrome.

    This video was a joint project between GP Access and Hunter New England Pain Service.