Becoming a Patient

What to Expect During My Appointment

Sometimes a new experience can be intimidating and cause unnecessary anxiety.  Our goal is to put you at ease so you feel at home.  As a patient at Ellis Mobile Chiropractic that’s exactly where you’ll be – at home.  However, we understand that the key to making this a pleasant experience is to also make you comfortaDr. bagble with inviting us into your home with you.  We believe the best way to do this is to be as transparent as possible about what you can expect in becoming a patient with Ellis Mobile Chiropractic.

By better understanding what to expect during your in-home visits, the more you will benefit from your treatment plan. You have already taken the first step by reading this. Please continue to explore our site and read as much about Chiropractic as possible. Do not hesitate to email us with any questions or concerns you have and Dr. Ellis will personally respond to you.

The following is the standard process that our practice utilizes in order to maximize time spent between the doctor and patient.


  • Consultation Appointment

    During this time Dr. Ellis will go over the information you provided in your Case History form and address any questions or concerns that you may have.  This appointment is typically conducted remotely via Skype video-conferencing.  In some cases an in-person consultation may be needed and can be scheduled as a special appointment.

    Please schedule a minimum of 20 minutes for this appointment.

    You can request a Free Consultation by clicking here

  • Initial House Call Visit

    During this visit the doctor will review your medical and social history with you and conduct an exam to evaluate your vital and the integrity of your biomechanical structural and functional. After the initial exam the doctor will determines if additional testing is required or if treatment can begin. Often this the patient will receive their first adjustment during this visit

    Please schedule 40 min for this appointment.

  • Follow-up House Call Visits

    Each visit will begin by catching up on any changes that may have occurred to your medical, social, and/or case history since the last visit before proceeding onto the Chiropractic adjustment. Where appropriate health coaching based on your needs may be provided to better facilitate your adjustment.

    Please schedule 30 minutes for these visits.